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Music: "By the Sea" by Marcelo Fernandez Music, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize 2016 - Student Category

Shortlisted for the People's Choice Award of the international Opening Up Digital Fiction writing competition

Made withTwine


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This game was a delightful way for me to procrastinate this morning.

Glad you enjoyed it!


I like this a lot. A neat visual style, it's funny, and the sound effects are a nice touch too. One thing: it would be nice if the text appeared a bit quicker. That opening paragraph about the tavern is great but a bit draining when you replay lots. Or that might be the intention. I dunno, it's that kind of game! Overall - brill.

Thanks! Unfortunately, that is as fast as the text will go using the typed.js script. I like to chalk it up to an added 'trapped' feeling. ;)